Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tour Palawan on a budget

When going to Palawan for a tour, the main tours will be within Puerto Princesa City itself.  The city is the second largest city in the Philippines and even the Underground River (Subterranean River), which is a two-hour drive, is still within its boundaries.  The same is true for the Iwahig Penal Farms which will be around  30 to 45 minutes drive from the heart of the city.

Iwahig Penal Farms - Balsahan Resort
There is virtually no traffic for the drive to those places.  Those on a tight budget might not be able to afford the tour packages charged on a per person basis.  Good examples are the charges for the Underground River permit and the boat rides at Honda Bay.  For the permit it will cost only around PHP175.00 to 200.00 per person while a tour package shows it to be PHP600.00 per person.  The boat ride for island hopping at Honda Bay for a tour package is at least PHP1,300.00 per person that includes a meal and some snacks at the islands to be visited.  Hiring a boat costs only PHP600.00.

Balsahan picinic cottages
Bringing your own snacks or packed meal and commuting will save a good amount of money.  In tour packages, tourists are packed in a van and no stop overs.  There's no way to take photos of scenic spots that can be seen along the way.

Being booked at pricey accommodations will only tempt you to take on tour packages.  Get booked in decent cheaper pensions like Ros Maxele Pension House that can assist in suggesting how to go on cheap tours in Puerto Princesa by hiring beautiful "taxicles" or commuting.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Palawan - among the safest places in the Philippines

Palawan is undeniably one of the safest if not the safest provinces in the Philippines.  It is far away from any earthquake fault lines and is hardly hit by any typhoon.  It has a cool weather because of its narrow width that is only 14 kilometers on the average.  This means cool sea breeze blows across it either from the west or east.

Palawan Peacock
The province has a variety of wildlife that could not be seen in any part of the Philippines and even in the world.  It is a sanctuary to wildlife like the skunk, mouse deer, peacock and porcupine that cannot be found anywhere else in the country.  It is also host to the Subterranean River better known as the Underground River now recognized as one of the 7 wonders of nature around the world.

Palawan Porcupine
It is a point of interest for many local and foreign tourists because of the many destinations it has as tourist attractions compared to other places in the country.  The people of Palawan are very friendly and accommodating that visitors will enjoy their stay. There are reasonably cheap accommodations like Ros Maxele Pension House.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Small nice place

When vacationing, you do not really need to stay in a plush hotel that has all sorts of amenities.  Why?  Because the truth is you  only need a place to sleep, take a bath and keep your things.  You only get back there after you're tired from being away all day.

Usually after breakfast, the accommodation is left alone for an entire day.  So, why look for luxury?  This is the reason why Palawan pensions are all over  like Roz Maxele Pension house. They are secure places not really that far from the central business district that offers good privacy and security.

Not only that, Palawan pension houses offer personal services that large hotels could not provide.  Large hotels may have well trained staff but they will not have the owner's personality like those of pension houses.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Ros Maxele Pension House
Vacationing in the Philippines does not have to be expensive. There are a lot of pensions and inns that offer affordable rates that are within reach for those who are on a tight budget. The city of Puerto Princesa is one the favorite destinations of both local and foreign tourists because of the world famous Underground River of Palawan that has become one of the 7 Wonders of Nature in the World.

The island of Palawan has numerous places that are surely a tourist attraction.  The Iwahig Penal Colony is one place that interests many because it is called a prison with no bars. Inmates are free to go around because they are the ones tending to the rice fields and other agricultural tasks.  It also has a good place to go for a picnic and some swimming called "Balsahan".

For people in a group of four (4) or less accommodations for a least a week's stay at Ros Maxele Pension House should be satisfactory. For groups of 20 or more, they have tie-ups with others that accommodate that number.  The places are ideal for those who are on a strict budget that would only want to see specific places and not waste their time and money on not so worthwhile locations.